Udemy – Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest 2021


Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest is one of the training courses of Yodmi series that will teach you how to work with the test pie framework and perform the test process of Python-based software. Paistat is a powerful Python framework that can simplify code testing and evaluation tasks for the user. It is possible that he developed the simple code of this framework and used it to test complex Python applications and libraries. The educational process of this course is that in the first step and together with the instructor, you will create an application with Django framework and then you will test it. During the application development process, you will repeatedly use the Continuous Integration method to organize your code and keep it in sync with the overall project.

During this course, you will learn the details and subtleties of the testing framework, and if you are interested in the software testing process and performance tests, this course can be a great option for you. In the first step, you have to create a very simple application using the Django framework. During the Django training process, the instructor does not deviate from the main goal of the course, which is to teach software testing, and suffices to provide only a series of basic and practical explanations of Django. In the software testing process, you will be introduced to more than 40 different tests, each of which carefully analyzes specific aspects of your application. These tests include unit testing, integration testing, API testing, end-to-end testing, performance testing, and more.

Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest

  • Pytest
  • Fixtures
  • Markers
  • Parametrize
  • Skip, xfail
  • ini
  • Pytest-django
  • Pytest-cov
  • pytest-xdist
  • unittest library, mocks
  • Requests library
  • Django
  • Rest API
  • Models, Migrations
  • Views
  • Serializers
  • SQLite3 DB
  • Email backends
  • Continuous integration
  • Bitbucket pipelines
  • Bitbucket environment variables
  • Parallel steps
  • Docker
  • Slack messaging integration
  • Allure Reporting
  • A variety of software testing methods
  • Unit tests
  • Patching, Stubs
  • Integration tests
  • Performance tests
  • Testing environments
  • Python best practice
  • Virtual environments: pipenv
  • Pipfile
  • Type hinting
  • Black formatter
  • .env File

What you will learn in the Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest course:

  • In-depth understanding of the details and complex parts of the Pytest framework
  • Build a continuous integration (CI) system
  • Perform automated and high-performance software tests
  • Slack messaging online service
  • Mocking and Patching Testing Techniques
  • Build a web server with the Django framework
  • Practical acquaintance with the best examples and software testing exercises
  • Allure Framework Reporting System
  • Implementation of various tests such as unit testing, integration testing, API testing, end-to-end testing, performance testing, and so on.

Course details:

Publisher: Yodmi

Instructor: Eden Marco

English language

Level of training: Advanced

Number of lessons: 67

Training time: 6 hours and 53 minutes

Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest

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