Udemy – Angular – The Complete Guide (2022 Edition) 2021


Angular – The Complete Guide (2022 Edition) is one of the most complete Angular training courses on the Udemy website that teaches you how to build web applications using this framework. In this course, everything from the initial stages of Angular installation and configuration, components, instructions, Services, forms, http access, validation, optimization, modules, offline compilation and many more are taught in detail and you will fully learn how to build a web application from the first steps to its distribution and release. . The course also introduces CLI capabilities, an efficient command line for fast implementation based on good Angular programming practices. Today, Angular has become much more modern than in the past and many sites have used it. This framework has high performance and its clean coding advantage makes it one of the best Front-end frameworks.

The main language used in this framework, which is also seen in most of its tutorials, is script typing. This language is actually a JavaScript superset, and using it speeds up coding and speeds up the process of building web applications on an Angular platform. Although familiarity with JavaScript is sufficient for coding in Angular, a good familiarity with TypeScript is an advantage; For this reason, topics related to this language have been taught as much as possible in this training course. One of the good features of this course is that it provides good examples for most Angular learning concepts so that by looking at each example you can fully understand where that topic is used.

Content of Angular training course – The Complete Guide (2022 Edition):

  • Development of responsive, scalable and complex web applications using Angular 4
  • Full understanding of Angular architecture and function 7
  • Build single-page applications
  • Complete and in-depth training of Angular concepts 7

Course details:

  • English language
  • Duration: 34 hours and 7 minutes
  • Number of lectures: 463 lessons in 32 sections
  • Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
  • Ability to play on: Windows, mobile …
Angular - The Complete Guide (2022 Edition)

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