Free Download Road Rash – Racing game to play on windows 10

Road Rash

Road Rash  is the name of a type  of motorcycle racing video game by Electronic Arts in which the player assumes the role of a racer and participates in illegal violent street races. The game was published by Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, but was later replaced by a number of other systems.

In Vietnam, Road Rash appeared in the 2000s and quickly won the hearts of gamers because of the fun and thrilling gameplay.

Road Rash motorcycle racing game gives players a lot of exciting new experiences with fiery races, high-speed action and extremely attractive, Road Rash has partly helped fans see See the glorious image of the attractive racing game in any year.

Road Rash for windows 10 racing game is loved by many people from the Play Station version to the PC version. In the past, I used to compete with my brother to play this game because we only have a computer, today I found a version to play on Windows 10 so I should share it with everyone.

Download Road Rash – Racing game fighting


Instructions for installing Road Rash Windows 10

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off  Windows Defender )
  • Install  Direct X  and  Visual C++  first to avoid errors when playing games
  • Run the Setup file , choose where to install the game
  • Copy the file RoadRash.bat to the place where you just installed the game
  • Just go to the game and watch the detailed installation video

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