DOWNLOAD & INSTALL PhotoModeler Premium 2020.1.1 x64

PhotoModeler Premium provides the tools for you to create accurate, high quality 3D models and measurements from photographs. The process is called photo-based 3D scanning. PhotoModeler Premium is a 3D scanner that provides results similar to a 3D laser scanner (with appropriate textures). This 3D scanning process produces a dense point cloud (Dense Surface Modeling, DSM) from photographs of textured surfaces of virtually any size.  PhotoModeler Premium is also perfect for many drone / uav projects. The PhotoModeler Premium software has all the capabilities of the base PhotoModeler Standard product plus the capability to do Dense Surface Modeling (DSM), 3D scanning, SmartMatch, Geographic Systems, and Motion capture. Because Premium can handle all the functions of Standard (such as coded targets, manual projects, etc.), if you have a mix of project types, Premium may be the best choice for you. See the chart on the product overview page for a quick comparison of the products, and a detailed feature comparison.
PhotoModeler Premium is a sophisticated tool to build accurate Dense Surface Models and get measurements from your photos. Use PhotoModeler Premium to build:

  • Dense Surface Models where a large number of 3D points are needed.
  • Models that traditionally would require a 3D laser scanner
  • Drone and UAV projects such as volume measurement, ortho-photos, contours, etc.
  • Perform measurements over time with the Motion capability.

Download PhotoModeler Premium 2020.1.1.0 x64

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