GEO5 is a set of standalone programs that allows you to solve most of the geotechnical tasks. All programs have a similar user interface and are able to exchange data with each other. Each of them performs a comprehensive check of a specific type of design.
Key features:

  • Stability Calculations – Check the stability of slopes, rock walls and fortified embankments.
  • Fencing structures – designing and checking the enclosing structures of foundation pits, underground structures.
  • Walls and supporting structures – Due diligence of walls and gabion structures.
  • Shallow foundations – checking the bearing capacity and settlement of individual strip and slab foundations.
  • Deep foundations – checking the bearing capacity and settlement of piles and pile clusters.
  • Settlement – calculation of settlement and consolidation, settlement of shallow and deep foundations.
  • Tunnels and Shafts – Analyze tunnels, underground structures, and vertical shafts.
  • Geological surveys – creating a model of the tunnel and base layers based on geological survey data.
  • Field Tests – Structural calculations based on field test data (SPT, CPT, DMT, PMT)


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